The professional executives and co-founders of Media Duo, Inc., Dr. W.E. Abajian and K. L. Hawkins, have the combined experience and knowledge to meet the growing development demands in an ever-changing world. They are dedicated to creating and producing state-of-the-art media programs designed to:
Stimulate critical thinking skills Improve communication skills
Encourage audience participation Promote new concepts, theories and ideologies
Elicit optimum productivity Increase Revenue

Programs are produced from “idea to implementation” to meet client needs.
Media production services include:
Needs Assessment & Task Analysis Research & Evaluation
Project Management Video Production
Goals and Objectives Identification Scriptwriting
Design and Development Editing
Print Development Publishing
Media Duo, Inc.’s experience covers planning, coordinating and conducting the following:
In-House Training Seminars/Workshops
Stand-up Instruction Presentations
Custom programs are available in a variety of media formats that include:
CD/DVD Instructors Guides
Videotape Workbooks
E-learning Job Aids
Stay Competitive...Give Yourself the Edge


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